PEACEwater: No Thirsty Child! provides clean water W.A.S.H. Training along side all clean water installations.

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“We heard from one Dalit who said, “Some of us have heard that we are supposed to do some of these things you taught us today, but now we know WHY!” This will give them the proper motivation to implement healthy practices! We are seeing an excitement around the health and hygiene training in India and I think we are going to see replication begin to take place. One village pastor has has even gone as far as taking a collection, buying health kits (like the ones we gave them), and going into other communities and giving them to people. He said that was their first time going outside of their own community to do out reach in 5 years. We are humbled and excited at what is in store…God is good and we thank Him for the blessing he has provided through you!”
– Josh Wolford

Hand Washing



“All of your ideas worked. Your trainers were so effective. Everyone is the developing world or urban slums needs these programs.”

Skip Lanfried, Friends Church, Yorba Linda


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“After being in Timor Leste for a week, and using most of your materials, I can’t believe how “right on” you were. Fabulous training, and so essential! The germ/glitter lessons were fabulous. Thank you so much!”
-Kathie Quiring


Cleen Teeth


Clean Teeth