No Pressure…

I had the privilege of giving a mini-sermon at the celebration in the Northern Province (or the daunting task of preaching to 50 preachers!?!).


This is what I said:
Water is an important symbol of change in the Bible. Jesus started his ministry by being baptized in a river. He used water in his first miracle, turning it into wine. He controlled water, calming storms and walking on water. He asked the woman at the well for a drink of water and gave her the living water, faith in him, and through her many in her village believed. Jesus also used water to model the Christian life of service to others by washing his disciples’ feet.

I see the rainwater, a gift from God, changing you. I see pastors from all denominations working together in unity on this water program. Churches from many different denominations are represented here today. You worked together to select church sites for the rainwater systems. You worked together to build foundations for the tanks and to host the WASH training. We see pastors using the water to reach out to the poor with the gift of free water and WASH training.

I see water as a symbol of change in Rwanda. A symbol of unity. A symbol of the rebirth of Rwanda, rising from the drought of the past into a green, fertile future as a great nation, a model to the world of reconciliation, faith, and hope. We love you and thank God for the privilege of working together with you on a bright future for Rwanda.

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