Another Rewarding Day in Rwanda

We surprise the WASH team with a visit. I want to check up on them, encourage them, and surprise them with some new clothes since they have been working in the North for two weeks with only small sacks of belongings. Larry wants to inspect the tank. The church is supposed to be very near […]

No Pressure…

I had the privilege of giving a mini-sermon at the celebration in the Northern Province (or the daunting task of preaching to 50 preachers!?!). This is what I said: å Water is an important symbol of change in the Bible. Jesus started his ministry by being baptized in a river. He used water in his first miracle, […]

OMG! Wish You Were Here!!!

Incredible day today! So much fun celebrating completion of the water projects in the North! Over 100 gathered to mark this milestone.   Pastors gave poignant testimonies about improved lives at 50 churches and communities. Before the tanks, kids up at 4am to fetch distant water, now able to get to school on time and […]

God’s Work

Vedaste and I visit every church to inspect the new rainwater harvesting systems.  Today we leave Kigali bright and early in order to return before the rainy season’s often treacherous afternoon showers. We drive several hours to a town called Gatuna in a hilly tea growing region just south of the border with Uganda. The sides […]