About Us

Mission Statement

We champion sustainable clean water programs in developing countries.

Clean, safe, accessible water provides children greater access to education and improves health.

Clean water increases parents ability to earn a living and provide a better quality of life for their families.

Our Strategies

  • Identify simple, sustainable solutions
  • Pilot water programs in Rwanda
  • Empower local churches
  • Equip volunteers with successful clean water programs to share with the world
  • Leverage resources by developing strategic relationships
  • WASH Health & Hygiene education precedes technology solutions

History and Founding

In March 2008, Larry and Carolyn McBride started clean water programs at a meeting in their home. They initially operated as a volunteer organization of Saddleback Church members called The Clean Water Initiative: PEACEwater.  Their efforts mushroomed into a global task force. Saddleback Church members continue to contribute generously to PEACEwater solutions.

In January 2010, the McBrides formed an independent nonprofit corporation called No Thirsty Child. No Thirsty Child provides businesses, individuals, foundations, and other churches the opportunity to contribute to successful, life saving clean water programs.


“I’m proud of you and your team; you’ve accomplished a lot and are a great example to others. Your stories of how you blessed the churches, people and especially children of Rwanda are a great encouragement to me. It’s clear that you and your team are empowered by God to have a great impact in Rwanda. You’ve made an important difference by bringing them fresh water to drink and the living water of Christ through your sacrifice and ministry.”

-Rick Warren, Founding Pastor Saddleback Church

About Us Group Picture

Pictured Left to Right: Carolyn McBride, Larry McBride, Rick Warren, and Eric Munyemana

“I’d like to express my appreciation on behalf of the PEACE leadership in Rwanda, for your team’s commitment to empower the local churches in Rwanda to minister to their respective constituencies by providing clean water to the needy.”

-Eric Munyemana, Director Rwanda Purpose Driven Ministries/P.E.A.C.E. Plan